Library users are free to borrow items from any of the college libraries in  the University of Dodoma.

If the item is renewed more than once, the library reserves the right to shorten the normal loan period or recall the library material before the due date when urgently required by other users.

Borrowing Privileges

Different categories of users have different borrowing privileges. Please, read borrowing privileges and overdue penalties in the UDOM library policy or in the Webpage section on overdue penalties.

 The member of library services has the right to borrow a book though the privileges differ.  Academic staff are allowed to borrow books not exceeding  four for a month, postgraduate students do not exceed three books for two weeks, undergraduate students  do not exceed two books for two weeks, and external members are  allowed only through interlibrary loan two copies for two weeks and if allowed, it  should   be  by writing by  the director of library services.

Each borrower is required to present his/her identity card at the circulation desks in the library.

Any borrower who fails to return books on the date due, shall be liable to a fine of 500 TAS per book per day until the book has been returned. Any staff who refuses to pay the fines or replacement of lost books; costs of  such  lost  books  including  fines  shall  be  recovered from his/her  salary through  the bursar`s office. In  addition, borrowing privileges for  such  a  person  will be suspended until the overdue fine is paid. The students who do not pay the fines or replace lost books, costs for  such  books  will be recovered from their caution money.Alternatively,  their  statement of results, transcripts and certificates may be withheld until  they  have  paid  what  they  are  required  to.