Collection of Earth Sciences and Engineering

Ag. Head of Collection

Dr. Hector Mongi

Supervisor Phone No: +255 769 830 987

The Collection of Earth Sciences and Engineeringis temporarily located at the Collection of Informatics and Virtual Education Building in the first floor. The Collection contains materials related to mines, petroleum engineering, environmental science and technology.

The Collection has newspapers and online scholarly databases that the University management has subscribed to. The subscribed databases include:

  • EBSCO Host
  • Taylor and Francis Journals
  • Wiley Online Library
  • Emerald Insight
  • Cambridge Core
  • CABI
  • IMF eLibrary online and
  • Oxford University Press

The University has also subscribed to research for life databases that encompass GOALI, HINARI, ARDI, OARE and AGORA.

The Collectionof Earth Sciences and Engineering welcomes you all to our library where you will be able to access and utilize different library materials for your educational and professional development. Remember,‘professionalism is made in the library.’