1.     Admission to the use of Library


All members of the University Council, members of the academic and administrative staff, registered students and alumni of the  University, are entitled to use the library. The Director may admit other authorised persons who are not members of the university to use the library. He /She also reserves the right, subject to the approval of the  Library Board and the Senate, to exclude from all uses of the Library services  any person who  disregards the Library Regulations persistently, or any  person, who  for any other justifiable  reason, is  considered  no  longer  eligible  in the  Director’s  opinion.

Registration: After filling in the registration form, the applicant will be given a borrowing card (in the form of a pocket) with which to borrow special reserve materials. The card must be retained by the borrower even  when not in use. The loss of the card should be reported to the library at once. Replacement of the  borrowing card will be charged 1000 TAS. Normal  or  open   shelf books will be borrowed upon presentation of the  identity card. No any person may borrow  books  until he/she has filled in the borrower’s registration form at the reference desk, which signifies that the borrower has read these rules and agreed to abide by them.

For External Users: All International Researchers who are not affiliated with any College  or  Department of the University of Dodoma, shall pay a non-refundable fee of 65, 000 TAS (equivalent to US$ 40.00) for the use of the Library. This fee will cover the use of the Library for three months. If the researchers need to use the Library for a longer period, a further fee of  65, 000 TAS  (equivalent to US$ 40.00 ) shall be paid for every three months or fraction of this period. Local Researchers who are not affiliated with the University of Dodoma shall pay a fee of 50, 000 TAS (equivalent to US$ 30.00). This fee is non-refundable.

2.     The  Right  to Borrow   Books  by University Members

  • The right to borrow books is accorded to the persons entitled to use the library  as  stipulated  in  part one above. However, the prior approval of the Director or his/her designee shall be necessary for the case of persons not members of the University. These will be classified as “External Borrowers,” and may not have the privilege to borrow reading materials unless authorised otherwise by the Director.
  • All borrowers shall be required to present their identity cards at the circulation desk in the Library.
  • The Director shall reserve the right; subject to the approval of the Library Board, to prohibit or to restrict the borrowing of certain classes of materials and individual works.In that  regard,  there will be clear indication for  such materials that they may not be borrowed or that borrowing them is restricted.
  • No any material shall be taken  out  from the library until it has been officially issued to the borrower at the issue desk.
  • The loan period for all students and administrative staff shall be one week, while for academic staff shall be one month, except in the case of certain specified items. The issue may be renewed for a further period if the document/material/book is not reserved for other readers.
  • The borrower whose name bears the  authorization  of   document/material/ book  taken  out  of  the  library,  shall be solely responsible for returning it. No  delegating  or  on  behalf  in   returning  the     borrowed  library  materials   shall  be
  • Any borrower, including a member of the academic staff, who fails to return books from the general collection on the date due, shall be liable to a fine of 500 TAS  per book each day until the book has been returned. The fine for overdue Special Reserve items, however, is 200 TAS per hour. Any staff member who refuses to pay the fines or replacement cost of lost books, shall  be liable to have these costs recovered from his salary through the Bursar’s Office.
  • There shall be an annual clearance of Library materials at the end of each academic year whereby books held by a borrower shall be returned to the library. After that, the borrower who will continue associating with the University by study or employment, may borrow for the vacation only. At the beginning of each academic year, readers must clear their book Readers who fail to comply with this, their borrowing privileges will be suspended.
  • There shall be an annual Library Registration of students, which shall be concurrent with their Registration for courses for that academic year. Any student holding overdue library materials will not be registered in the library and will, therefore, be unable to borrow books  until he/she has returned the materials and paid  the fine.
  • The Bursar will withhold the refund of deposit due to a student whose course terminates at the end of the session but who has not returned the library materials in one’s  The  Bursar  will do  so   until the materials have been returned. The amount equal to the fine will then be charged against the deposit. If the book is not returned, the borrower will be charged:

(i). The total overdue fines

(ii). The current cost of the book and processing cost

(iii). A penalty of 25, 000 TAS (equivalent to  US$15)

In the case of the  defaulter  finalist student, his/her Examination and Statement of results, transcripts and certificate will be withheld by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Research and Consultancy until  the unreturned library items have been recovered, or the amount due to the library in fines, the value of materials and penalty have been paid by the borrower.

3.     Number of copies to be borrowed

  • The number of items which an undergraduate student may have on loan at one time shall not exceed two copies. For postgraduate students,  they  shall  not  exceed more than three copies while the number of copies which an academic member of staff may have on loan from the library at one time shall not exceed four.
  • If sufficient reason is given , the Director may, upon application, allow an increase in the number of copies to be borrowed.
  • Reading materials may be reserved for borrowing. However, they will be returned to the shelves if not claimed within two days after the notice has been sent to persons reserving them.
  • Periodicals and Reference materials may not be borrowed.

4.     Interlibrary Loans

Library users may request materials that the Library does not own, but are available in another Library. Any member of the Library staff will take requests, and the users will receive a notice when the item is available.

5.      Discipline

5.1  General Disciplines

  • Readers are required to show their identity cards at the checkpoint and Circulation Desk when checking out a book and on request.
  • No food may be brought into the Library including all types of drinks and fruits
  • Coats, bags, parcels, umbrellas etc. should not be brought into the library. They should be left in the Cloakroom.
  • Silence must be observed in the library:
    • Mobile phones must be switched off while in the Library
    • No discussion is allowed in the library.
  • Readers are not allowed to reshelve books. The books should be left on tables after use.
  • No weapon should be carried into the library.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the library.
  • Buying and selling of goods or services in the Library are not permitted.
  • The use of matches or open light in any part of the library is prohibited
  • Readers must dress and behave in a manner that will not cause either offence or damage.
  • Verbal abuse and physical harming of library users and staff cannot be tolerated.
  • All readers will be required to show at the exit checkpoint all their books on leaving the library as a precaution against the illegal removal of reading materials. Borrowers are asked to give full cooperation on this matter.

5.2  Mutilation, stealing and loss of library books

Library users will be held responsible for any damage to books while in their charge and will be required to pay the full value of such books for  such damage. Readers are also responsible for their cards. Any material borrowed against a borrower’s card shall be the responsibility of the person whose name is on that borrower’s card. Books reported as lost or missing will be replaced at the borrower’s expense, and the borrower will be charged:

    (i) The total overdue fines

    (ii) The current cost of the book and processing costs

    (iii) A penalty of 25, 000 TAS (equivalent to US$15)

    Any markings done  within  pages  of  books borrowed  will be regarded as rendering  the  book  unft  for  use . The person responsible for  such  an   act will be required to pay the cost of replacing  such  a  book.

 Any person implicated  in  damaging  library property, he/she shall be held responsible. In the case the culprit is a member of staff, appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her by the terms and conditions of service.